azienda agricola San Valentino IN THE PROVINCE OF SALERNO


At the beginning of the 80s, thanks to Mr Biagio Migliaro’s will, the Azienda Agricola San Valentino in the province of Salerno was born.

From 1995 the offspring Carmine and Aniello Migliaro have managed the family-run company dealing, in the area of San Valentino Torio in the province of Salerno, with the cultivation of vegetables and agricultural food that is typical of the agro sarnese nocerino area. The company is located on a 20 hectares cultivated area, with an avant-garde daily production, able to satisfy the production and delivery needs of fruit and vegetables at a national and international level, with punctuality and efficiency.

The cultivation of the vegetables is done both in the open air and in the greenhouse (about 70% of the cultivated surfaces in in a greenhouse, in order to grant different kinds of vegetables all year long). The company grows in particular salad, peppers, green beans, tomatoes, cauliflower, fennels and any kind of season vegetables, supplying daily various commercial facilities, from the wide dimension centres, to the markets, to the local and private sellers, with a detailed distribution, managed through property vehicles that can guarantee the transport at controlled temperature, and even long-range transport. 

The vehicle fleet is composed of five vehicles including motors, semitrailers and articulated lorries, daily driven by trusty, expert and professional drivers, who are able to deliver rapidly and following the expected planning. All the vehicles have the refrigerating rooms at controlled temperature in order to guarantee constantly the freshness of the transported products.

Among the company staff, a lot of them manage directly the production, the cultivation and the transformation of the products and the company avails itself of the collaboration of different technicians and agrarian consultants, in order to guarantee the commerce of the products at the best conditions.

The facility has really avant-garde storage, conservation and cooling systems that allow to keep unchanged the organoleptic characteristics of the cultivated and worked in the place, for several days. The possibility to manage the entire working cycle in the farm allows to obtain high quality products during the different seasons and to provide the customers with constant punctuality.

The Azienda Agricola San Valentino, in the province of Salerno grows and works the typical products of the agro sarnese nocerino area, in addition to the most common vegetables and can provide the different realities with high quality products, with authentic and intense flavours, grown following a certificated production chain and with the most modern techniques of the sector. 

After the law about the availability of the products and the traceability of the production chain entered into force (Reg. CE 178/2002) the Azienda Agricola San Valentino organised itself to guarantee a procedure that assures the possibility to verify the entire production chain, at the different cultivation phases, the working and the product packaging, till the departure to the various destinations. We constantly make different controls in order to guarantee a productive cycle that respects the applicable laws, utilising high qualified personnel that can guarantee a production that is always in line with the best quality standards.

Managed by Aniello and Carmine Migliaro, the Azienda Agricola San Valentino, in the province of Salerno is a productive reality among the most famous ones in the province of Salerno and co-operates with some agrarian technicians:

  • Francesco Della Porta (commercial technician representative of the Timac Agro)
  • Technical service of the Raggio Verde