The Azienda Agricola San Valentino deals with the cultivation of farm products in the province of Salerno, in San Valentino Torio; our products are typical of the agro sarnese nocerino area, but not only that one. Among the different cultivations, you can discover superior quality vegetables and products, characterized by authentic, ancient and unique flavours. Thanks to the innovative development that was wanted by the company owners, the company established itself on the national territory and it is today a very famous reality in the field of the production and commerce of farm products.

The company has 20 hectares of land where it cultivates different kinds of vegetables, among them:

Salad: different kinds of salad, picked and washed for a perfect delivery, ready for the distribution to the consumer. Light and cool vegetables, rich in fibres and poor in calories, hefty and crunchy, with a high vitamin C and vitamin B9 concentration.

  • Roman lettuce 
  • Capuccina lettuce
  • Salad and misticanza
  • Rocket
  • Spinacino
  • Red little lettuce 
  • Valerianella
  • Parsley

Peppers: in the middle of the countryside of Salerno chubby and tasty peppers grow, they are rich in water (more than 90%), natural antioxidant and vitamin C . In the full respect of the periodicity of the product, our peppers are available from May to October. The production divides in:

  • Yellow melted peppers
  • Red melted peppers
  • Friggitelli (little green sweet peppers)

Green beans: rich in food fibres, in vitamin A and antioxidant polyfenolic flavonoids like the lutein and the beta carotene. They are also a good source of folic acid, one of the fundamental elements of the synthesis of the DNA and of the cellular division.


  • San Marzano tomatoes: the San Marzano tomato is a variety of tomato that is famous for being a farm product with the classification of protected origin. The name comes from the one of the city of San Marzano on the Sarno, where its production was born. It is characterized by a lengthened shape and it is particularly suitable for the food farming transformation and for the daily consumption.
  • Ciliegino tomato: a tomato that develops its fruits in bunches. The production is characterized by little round deep red fruits, with a particular sweet taste. The ciliegino tomato is used in the cooking for the preparation of salads or for being tasted alone.

Cauliflowers: the cauliflower is a winter typical vegetable, with particularly balanced components. It has low contents of calories and a high satiating power. It is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, folic acid and vitamin C. it is a depurative and rich in mineral vegetable that allows the renewal of the tissues.

Fennels: the fennel is a food that is rich in mineral salts, especially potassium, phosphorus and calcium, elements that reinforce our bones. It contains the vitamin A, the vitamin B and the vitamin C. it has diuretic effects.

Season vegetables: consuming season vegetables means choosing to eat in a healthy and correct way, respecting the nature rhythms. Today the cultivation techniques allow us to find on the market various early fruit and vegetables all year long. But, consuming the vegetable in the moment when it is ripe in a natural way is a healthier and cheaper choice, so it allows us to save money.

A part of the production is packed in bowls, in particular the tomatoes, of the different kinds, the green beans and the friggitelli (little sweet green peppers).
The various kinds of salad that are produced are washed and dried as it happens with all the other vegetables.
The San Valentino Farm deals with the farm products in the province of Salerno, that are promptly worked by the company, after the harvest and in the same place in order to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.
Following the law that regulates the availability and the traceability of the products (Reg:CE 178/2002) the San Valentino Farm created a dedicated facility in order to guarantee a production that is verifiable along all the production chain, tracing the various phases that go from the seeding to the cultivation till the working and the packaging of the completed product, that leaves towards the different destinations. An avant-garde service in the commerce of farm products.