The Azienda Agricola San Valentino has worked for more than thirty years to guarantee its customers the biggest freshness and quality of the products. That also requires a particular attention for what concerns the transport and the conservation of the fruit and vegetable products that are grown, packed and sent all over Italy and the world by the company.

The family Migliaro has always put a particular attention in preserving the freshness of its vegetable, guaranteeing along all the productive chain, the respect of the applicable laws and the use of avant-garde technologies in order to offer a precise and professional service. The company does periodical checks of its means of transport and of its storage areas, so that the product can be always conserved in the best way, even during the transport phases. The Azienda Agricola San Valentino has property last generation vehicles, with the best systems of refrigeration that assure a controlled and constant temperature of the load, guaranteeing a perfect transport of the farm products in the province of Salerno. The vehicles are driven by trusty and professional drivers who do their work with seriousness and dedication, always guaranteeing the best service to the customer, wherever he lives.


The Azienda Agricola San Valentino wraps and delivers its fruit and vegetable products all over Italy and abroad with the biggest respect of the commercial agreements that are stipulated with the customers, guaranteeing the delivery of the goods in perfect conditions and at the decided tomes. We can guarantee an efficient and incisive service thanks to the big experience that has been reached during the last years and to the deep specialization in the field. Our facility has an internal and innovative logistic organization and the staff that deals with the preparation and the packaging is able to assure a high quality standard. The goods are constantly preserved at a constant temperature in order to reach the delivery point at the destination market, at the best conditions. 

Our service of internal logistic is perfectly organized and efficient. The farm transport in the province of Salerno is done daily both in Italy and abroad. The company has a dedicated vehicle fleet that includes engines, semitrailers and articulated lorries. All the vehicles have refrigerating rooms that allow the constant temperature check and that guarantee the freshness of the products that are transported to the destination.


The transports at controlled temperature expect that a determined temperature, set in the refrigerating groups, is kept constant independently from the external climatic conditions. 

The temperature is one of the first causes of the alteration of the fruit and vegetable products and food in general. Too high temperatures or too low ones can facilitate the products deterioration and the loss of the organoleptic characteristics that are intrinsic of the same products.

The high temperatures to which the vegetables can be exposed ripen them in a not correct way, so they soften and deteriorate rapidly.

Otherwise, if the temperatures are too low, there is the risk of freezing that can cause desiccation and internal or external splits of the products. 

The perishable products have to be always stored and conserved at a controlled temperature, in a constant way in order to avoid the risks of dents, early deterioration and mould development. 

The Azienda Agricola San Valentino can follow all the procedures that are necessary to guarantee a correct storage and transport of the products, that it manages in complete autonomy, in order to guarantee the freshness and the integrity of the products that are put on the market.